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Xing Empire

Because the FMA manga brings good things

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Hi, this is a community for a certain group of characters from the manga series Fullmetal Alchemist: the Xing people. No, they're not in the anime show, but they're still adorable and kick arse. Be warned: manga spoilers are regulars in this comm.

Xing is an Eastern country, separated from Amestris only by the desert. It's an empire with several tribes, and they also use alchemy for medical purposes, calling it pharmacy.

So far, we've met these Xingese travelers in Amestris:

Mei Chan: (Official romanization: May Chang) A pharmacist and princess looking for the Way of Immortality to help her poor clan. She's a cute little girl, and an Elric fangirl (first she had fantasies over Ed, now over Al). Her imagination runs wild. Her companion is Xiao Mei. She follows Scar and Yoki's group. 17th daughter of the Emperor.

Xiao Mei: 'Tis a panda, a small one. It is Mei-chan's pet guardian. It imitates its owner's facial expressions perfectly; also, beware of its teeth: they're lethal, as Yoki found out several times.

Ling Yao: (Official romanization: Lin Yao) From the Yao clan. He's one of the Emperor of Xing's children, and he's looking for the Way of Immortality so he can win his father's favours and seize the power. He's easy-going and takes advantage of people a lot, but he knows how to fight and has high morals. His companions are Lan Fan and Fu. 12th son of the emperor.

Lan Fan: (Official romanization: Ranfun) One of Ling's bodyguards, her family has served Ling's for generations. She's short-tempered, stubborn and extremely shy, to the point of wearing her battle mask almost all the time. She'd do anything for her young master Ling. A loyal and honorable warrior.

Fu: (Official romanization: Who) One of Ling's bodyguards, his family has served Ling's for generations. He's also a warrior, and seems to be a wise old man. He helped Maria Ross to escape out of the country. Also, he's Lan Fan's grandfather.

Anyway, here are the community's rules:
  1. Anything goes (discussions, fanart, fanfiction, icons), as long as it features or centers about at least one Xing character. So generic FMA stuff or going about couples that won't contain any of them is not allowed.
  2. Respect the other members. Don't flame them because they don't like the same character or ship you do, or if they prefer yaoi or het. Be nice.
  3. Don't spam. Comm and website publicity is only allowed if it's related to Xing in any way. If you're making a "newbie post", try to make it meaningful (maybe including a discussion, a thoughtful point of view, a fanwork plug... don't limit yourself to "hi i'm new and i like Ling. bye")
  4. No, don't ask us for manga translations and scans, especially in a public post. Join and browse fm_alchemist for that.
  5. Have fun? ^^U