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23 June 2010 @ 02:58 am
Some questions.  
First post in this community, hi :D

So I'm writing some fic (my first mutli-chap fic in awhile) and when writing the first chapter, a couple of things came up,

First  being Fuu. How would they get his body back to Xing? I have them taking the sea route that Alphonse mentioned (on account of Lan Fan's automail) but that sill leaves the issue. Any ideas?

Second, how would Mei address Lan Fan? I know Mei called her dog of the Yao clan (or something of the like) when the almost fought in Knox's house, but I don't think Ling would take very kindly to that, and make her call Lan Fan something else.

Any input is appreciated!
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A Severe Lack of Pinwheels: ling - sparkly orange is neatvwl on June 23rd, 2010 12:09 pm (UTC)
Hmm...transporting the body is a problem I ran into in a fic I'm working on myself. What I did is said that they buried Fuu in Amestris but took the most important pieces of his armor (i.e. his mask, maybe some other things) with them to honor him back in Xing. I'm not really sure, though. :/ After poking around a bit in ancient Chinese burial rituals, I've found that the body itself is very important, due to reincarnation beliefs. However, I always found Ling to be pretty liberal for some reason? It might be just because of the way my friend writes him in a future-RP we're doing together, though. Anyway, I can see him foregoing some of the ancient ritual for the sake of necessity, and you know that they would give him an honorable burial in Amestris, seeing as he died supporting the good guys. ;___; Poor Fuu. ::waves her I ♥ FUU banner::

I really don't know what Mei would call anyone...I ran into a similar problem with Ran Fan in fanfiction. How does she think of Ed? I was okay with her referring to him as "the alchemist," but when writing from her perspective...well, it got weird. XD
~A rhyme just like a *melody*~: [stock]clockmelodyic_rhyme on June 24th, 2010 02:03 am (UTC)
Burying him in Amestris seems like a good option, but they did seem keen on leaving Amestris (or atleast Central) quickly, seeing as they're illegals. Right now I'm thinking maybe a small (but still honorable) burial somewhere outside central.