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30 September 2009 @ 09:13 pm
Wanted: Ling Yao for RP  
I hope this is okay. Hey folks, I'm Shiru and I'm a new member here. I'm in a humorous slice-of-life multifandom AU rp called quovadis_rp. The story takes place in a school setting. I've been wanting to app Lan Fan at this RP, and I was thinking that it might be fun to have a Ling Yao there too. I'm not necessarily looking to pair them, mind you! Would anyone be interested in this?

You don't need to have RP experience, but good writing (as in, you can spell/use proper grammar, not as in you're a Nobel Prize Winner) and enthusiasm would be great. I have a few ideas as to what we could do with their AU backstories, and I would really love to have a nice, fun Ling rp'er to work together with on this. :)

We also have an Ed, Al, Winry, and Roy apping, so you won't be the only FMA character there. Please send me a message over LJ or feel free to contact me over AIM at shiruru805 if you want to talk about this.

Mods of this community, if this sort of request isn't allowed, please delete this. Thanks very much!

[cross-posted like a mo-fo 8D]
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